SUSAN P. FRANKEL,Ph.D. & ASSOCIATES Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis A Jungian Approach
SUSAN P. FRANKEL,Ph.D. & ASSOCIATES           Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis                       A Jungian Approach

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” 
― C.G. Jung

Here are Some of Our Favorite Books



Learning from the Patient, Patrick Casement


Memories, Dreams, Reflections, C.G. Jung


The Inner World of Trauma,  Donald Kalsched


Trauma and the Soul, Donald Kalsched


The Drama of the Gifted Child (1981 Edition), Alice Miller


Jungian Psychoanalysis, Murray Stein


Becoming a Person Through Psychoanalysis, Neville Symington


The Gift of Therapy, Irving Yalom

This image is a stylized representation of a nautilus, which is a sea creature, a living fossil, closely related to the ammonite which swam in ancient oceans millions of years ago.  This fossil is often associated with change, resiliency, and overcoming obstacles.  It is an image for growth and evolution.  Following the spiral you will cross similar points and each crossing will change your depth of perspective.  For us, this is an excellent symbol of the therapy process.

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