SUSAN P. FRANKEL,Ph.D. & ASSOCIATES Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis A Jungian Approach
SUSAN P. FRANKEL,Ph.D. & ASSOCIATES           Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis                       A Jungian Approach

"I am not what happened to me.  I am what I choose to become."

C.G. Jung

We understand that starting psychotherapy can feel overwhelming.  Our first task is to provide a safe, non-judgemental, respectful, and confidential space where you can feel welcome to talk about things most important to you.  Although we will explore your symptoms and life problems together, we will try to understand them based on your unique conscious and and unconscious process. We believe in a holistic approach, so that you will become more fully aware of parts of yourself that have been unknown and unconscious and no longer serve you. Together we explore the unknown realm in your search for authentic self-expression. creativity, intimacy and well-being.


We may reflect on your personal life situation, current difficulties that interfere with your life, bodily symptoms, and possible early childhood trauma.  Through the exploration of both what is conscious to you and also what was previosuly unconscious, we may encounter images, fantasies, and dreams. We might utilize sandplay, art, poetry, or writing, in an attempt to contact these hidden treasures.      


We are partners bringing everything we have to the task.  The work done in therapy is a mutual, open-ended process. Part of your growth may result from the emerging relationship between the two of us.  We believe this experience can be deeply transformative.

We assist many people with:

 grief       divorce       depression


spiritual crisis     life transitions     relationship issues


anxiety     panic     work stress     trauma


sexual concerns     couples counseling     addiction


and many other concerns



This image is a stylized representation of a nautilus, which is a sea creature, a living fossil, closely related to the ammonite which swam in ancient oceans millions of years ago.  This fossil is often associated with change, resiliency, and overcoming obstacles.  It is an image for growth and evolution.  Following the spiral you will cross similar points and each crossing will change your depth of perspective.  For us, this is an excellent symbol of the therapy process.

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